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Grants & Funding

Overton Community Council is pleased to administer the following grants, open to organisations within the Overton Community Council area: –

Community Chest Grant

Overton Community Council administers a grant, called the Community Chest, to which local organisations within the area administered by the Community Council can apply. The deadline for applications to the Community Chest is 31st October 2024. Applications will normally be considered during the November Community Council meeting.

Eligibility criteria: –

Grants may be made by the Overton Community Council towards capital expenditure by local organisations within the area administered by the Community Council.

Grants will not be made towards general maintenance or running costs.

An application shall be made on a form obtainable from the Clerk to the Community Council.

The Community Council reserves the right to request detailed particulars of an applicant’s financial position. Any information will be treated in confidence.

Funds available for grants are limited and there can be no guarantee of a grant being offered in any particular case.

Grants may be made towards the setting-up of a new local organisation, providing the Community Council is satisfied that a proper constitution exists, and that the organisation has adopted a programme of fund-raising events for at least one year.

Please note that grants will normally be capped at £500, however applications above this amount will be considered on an individual basis.

Application forms can be downloaded here. If you would prefer a hard copy please contact our clerk, David Williams, on or 01978 710055.


The Jubilee Community Fund

This fund was established by Overton Community Council through local donations and fundraising, and commenced during the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations to provide assistance, support and relief to those in need residing in the Community Council Area of Overton on Dee.

Eligibility for Assistance

Potential recipients of grants are any individual or family residing within the boundary of the Overton Community Council Area or any local organisation providing support as provided for in paragraph (3) below.

The Trustees may make grants for the following reasons:

  • to alleviate sickness, hardship or cashflow problems as determined by the Trustees in their absolute discretion. The maximum any individual may receive on each application is £50 and any family is £100; both these may be increased to up to £250 in exceptional circumstances)
  • to meet any other reasonable expenses that the Trustees determine in their absolute discretion would provide assistance, support or relief up to £250
  • in exceptional circumstances, to enable or support community facilities aimed at providing a warm community space, refreshment and food, or food bank, the making of grants to organisations providing such facilities up to £250 may be considered. Organisations should normally apply to the Community Chest Fund.

Making or Proposing Applications for the The Jubilee Community Fund

Applications for a grant may be made by a resident or proposed by Community Agents, a Community Councillor, a Medical Practitioner, a Social Worker, a Carer, a Teacher, a Neighbour, a member of the Clergy, an official of any village organisation, or other resident of the village.  Where any proposal or request for a grant is made a short summary of the justification should be provided by the proposer or applicant using the form available. This information may be provided verbally at a meeting of the Trustees in which case the details will be recorded by the secretary.

All information relating to cases being considered by the Trustees will be treated confidentially and details provided for consideration will be anonymised.

Cases will be considered, and grants will be made, regardless of gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion, or belief.

Application forms can be downloaded here, or by requesting hard copies from our Clerk, David Williams, on or 01978 710055.