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Overton Village Fete – 29th June 2024

Overton’s annual village fete will take place on Saturday 29th June.   It will take the form of a Street Market in the morning with a Picnic on the Pitch in the afternoon. 

Street Market

Book your stall here!

The Street Market will be from 10am to 1pm.  Like in previous years, there will be stalls dotted around the village in the following locations:

  • Dark Lane (which will be closed to road traffic)
  • In the Church yard

Most of the stalls will be in the Church Yard because there is so much space, and if we keep the stalls in a smaller area that means more footfall for everyone!

Stalls will be £10, with the proceeds going to St Mary’s school. We can take payment by cheque or bank transfer. Full details are on the booking form

If you need any more information please contact Charlotte by email or on 07960 538089

There will be 36 stalls at this year’s street market and the range of things to buy on those stalls is wider and more varied than ever!  Too many to list here, so you’ll have to come and experience it for yourself!



Picnic on the Pitch

We’re calling the whole event a Picnic on the Pitch and you can bring your own picnics but there will also be food and drink available as well if you don’t want to bring a picnic.  Our friends at Premium Bar Hire will be returning for another year, a hog roast will be supplied by Pen y Lan Pork with tea, coffee and delicious cakes brought to you from a horsebox by Meet Me In The Morning ice cream from our very own Woodlands Ice Cream and there’ll also be a candy floss stand. No one will go hungry in Overton that Saturday afternoon!

Come along from 3pm and stay until you want to go home!

Like last year there will be a Fun Dog Show with prizes being provided by our friends at Country Hounds Dog Deli and Daycare  The categories will be:

  • “Perkiest” Puppy  (3 months to 12 months)
  • Jolliest Juvenile (12m – 3 years)
  • Marvellous Middler (3 – 10 years)
  • Waggiest Tail 30 second count (All ages)
  • “Best Trick” (Sit / Stay / Paw shake) – All ages
  • “Serenest ” Senior 10 years +
  • Best Young Handler (Humans up to 16)
  • “Loveliest” Lady – Overall in show
  • “Handsomest” Boy – Overall in show
  • Naughtiest in show!

Registrations will open at 3pm 


Overton Olympics

This year there will also be the Overton Olympics. Basically this will be a team event and will be run like a decathlon, i.e. with different “disciplines” which each team takes part in and collects points for. The team with the most most points wins a prize. A team can be made up of a family grouping, or your team can be a team of two or any number in between. It doesn’t really matter – the point is to have fun!  And if it’s a success we can make it an annual event. 

We’re hoping that the various businesses and organisations in the village would like to ‘own’ a discipline, with the game or activity being associated with the business / organisation’s activities.

The businesses and organisations who have already signed up are Ma Baker, Ferdi’s, Overton Play Centre, St Mary’s School, M E Evans,  Studio Green Florals   and the Overton Bowls Club.

And here’s a run down of what the games will involve …!

Ma Baker’s Bread A’head

How many loaves of bread can you balance on your head without using your hands?!

The team has 1 minute to get as many bread loaves on to one team member‘s head. Then you need to take your hands away and the loaves staying on that person‘s head after 3 seconds will be your score! No eating, munching or scoffing allowed!

Ferdi’s Water Challenge

You’ll be given a receptacle filled with water at the start of the challenge and you’ll need to make your way around a slalom trying not to spill the water! The water left in your receptacle will be measured at the end with points given accordingly

Overton Play Centre’s take on Tin Can Alley

You‘ll be given 3 bean bags to throw at tin cans numbered 1 to 10. Your score will be the total of the tin cans you hit!

St Mary’s School Duck Race

Using a squirt gun provided you’ll ‘shoot‘ the ducks down the slope and your score will be the total number of ducks you can squirt in 30 seconds!

ME Evans’ Eggcellent Endeavour

You need to choose 2 team members for this game. The object of the game is to throw an egg between 2 team members as far as possible without breaking the EGG! Each team is supplied 1 EGG and is allowed up to 3 throws – using the same EGG. A cracked, but not ‘leaking’, EGG is allowable as a valid throw!

Your score will depend on how far you‘ve managed to throw your egg .. without breaking it!

Studio Green Floral’s Flower Stand Challenge

How many points can you score with 6 Artificial flowers?! There are up to 60 points on offer here! You’ll need to stand in front of the flower stand and aim for the pot with the highest value … but if you go for the highest and you miss you get nothing!

Overton Bowls Club Target Bowls challenge

There will be four rings with different values. You’ll have 4 bowls and the aim is to get your bowls as close to the jack in each of the circles. Your score will be the total value of the circles you land in!

You’ll be given a score card when you register. Simply enter your score from each game and return it to the registration desk before 5.30pm. The winning team will be the one with the highest cumulative points total and they’ll receive a ‘gold’ medal each and a £20 voucher from 2 Doves.