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Overton Cemetery

Overton Cemetery

overton cemeteryThe village cemetery is on Church Road (B5069). The cemetery was created in around 1900 to address the need for additional burial land. The first burials being recorded in 1901.

There are plots available in the Cemetery (approximately 20%) and a small Garden of Remembrance, which has forty spaces available for reservation or purchase. There is also an additional parcel of land which is available once all the plots are allocated.

Should you require to purchase a burial or ashes plot or are looking into family genealogy, please contact the Clerk to Overton Community Council on 01978 710055 for assistance.








Wrexham Road Cemetery

Peel chapel The cemetery and “mortuary chapel” were consecrated on the 17th June 1872, a short distance from the village along the road to Wrexham (A528). The Mortuary Chapel was built in memory of Anna Maria Peel who died in 1860, the first wife of Edmund Peel of Bryn y Pys. Before the trees grew high, there were views over the river valley. The chapel was vandalised and burnt in the 1960s.

Although the cemetery was built by the Bryn y Pys estate it was given to the parishioners, many of whom are buried there. The gates to the cemetery were replaced in 2013 with copies of the originals.

The cemetery is in the care of St Mary’s Parochial Church Council, Overton

The Cemetery early in the 20th century.