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Overton Community Council represents the people living in the area at the closest level; it is a single corporate body and the decisions taken are the responsibility of the council as a whole.  Community Councils are guided by Local Government Act 1972.  The Council is none political or sectarian and the Councillors do not receive remuneration.


To play a vital part in the interest of the community by representing the whole electorate within the community; delivering services to meet local needs; and striving to improve the quality of life within the community.  This involves close liaison with WCBC; the Police and organisations impacting on aspects of community life.  It is responsible for setting the annual precept which is taken from the Council Tax collected by WCBC and is set aside to be spent exclusively on local needs.

The Council also awards sums of money to local organisation either in the form of a grant or from The Community Chest.

Any resident can contact a Councillor or the Clerk to discuss any concerns, or bring the issue to the Council’s notice at the monthly meeting, which has a period of 10 minutes (6.50-7.00) set aside for members of the public to speak.

Once full council has approved them, the minutes of all meetings are available to members of the public at the Overton library and on this website.


Members of the Overton community are elected to this voluntary role by the community.  They have a diversity of skills and interests bringing a unique response to the needs of the community.  The responsibilities and duties often depend on what the Councillor wants to achieve and how much time is available.

Apart from attending the monthly council meeting, each Councillor additionally volunteers to sit on other committees such as Planning, Playing Fields, Website, and Cemetery.  They also attend meetings of organisations affecting the wider community and issues relevant to the community, i.e. traffic calming.

On going training for all aspects of the role is given to every Councillor.


This is a remunerative position for which ongoing training is given.  The Clerk provides advice and administrative support to the council and is the Proper Officer of the council in law.

Your Councillors

  • Penelope Coles 
  • Charlotte Copeman
  • Sue England
  • Clive Hellingman (Chairman)
  • Peter Lynch
  • Keith Miller
  • Lesley Pugh
  • David Roberts
  • Val Stevenson
  • Tony Walker

Contact Us
Telephone: 01978 710055
Post: The Clerk to the Council
Overton Village Hall
Penyllan Street
LL13 0EE




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Charlotte Copeman

 Sue England

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 Clive Hellingman

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 Peter Lynch

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Keith Miller

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 Lesley Pugh
Lesley Pugh
  Val Stevenson
 Tony Walker
Katrina Chalk
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